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Attention Classic TV Fans!

If you’re a fan of the classic TV shows that are now only available in syndication, if at all, I believe you’ll enjoy the series I’m currently running on Associated Content about these programs. I have a new one coming out within the next few days about police shows, but in the meantime you can check out my latest one on science fiction shows by clicking HERE. From there you can access all the others by clicking on my avatar photo on my AC page.

My UFO Article On Associated Content

I recently published an article about UFOs and why our government is denying the truth about them. In less than two weeks it has drawn more page views than my last 10 articles combined, so I guess there’s still a lot of interest in this subject. Among the cases examined in the article are:

The 1942 battle over Los Angeles between the army and a giant UFO

How the Roswell UFO crash led to cell phones

Are UFOs responsible for America’s largest blackouts?

You can access the article HERE.

Is Our Government In Cahoots With ET’s?

I will have, within the next few days, a new article on Associated Content about why our government is denying the truth about UFOs. Once it publishes, I will supply the link for it.

Picture at right is a UFO that launched from the dirigible hangars in Santa Ana, CA on August 3, 1965. Once traffic increased after the road was widened, UFOs were no longer stored there, instead being moved to either Area 51 or several other military bases in the western United States.

The History Of Family Life

Family Campfire   I just recently had a new article published on Associated Content that looks at how families developed and what changed them over the course of history. It’s called “The History of Family Life“, and I would appreciate your comments on it, which can be left on the AC page or here. Thank you.

Chief Jack’s Hacked Web Site Restored

One of my Sites, The Mohawk Reporter, was hacked by the Feds earlier this year, but after a month-long fight, it’s back to its former status and fully operational. The Mohawk Reporter deals with UFOs, paranormal events, cryptozoology, dinosaurs, science, and government conspiracies. We were invaded and censored because we revealed the truth about what really happened on 9/11, and the government plot that led to it.

We have now been fully restored after threats to go to the mainstream press with this, although I can’t understand why they didn’t just opt to off me instead. I guess it’s because the truth is so weird that they think no one will believe it.

Little Green Men: Are They Real?

Are there really space aliens darting about in our skies and examining humans? Of course there are, and so far none of them have been green. Let’s look at why they look the way they do in the following article:

World’s Largest Coin

The largest coin in the world just made its debut. You can read about it at

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