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The Mohawk Radio Show:Coming Back?

Animated Antenna   Long-time fans of my Mohawk Radio Show have been asking me for months about my comeback.  Of course, it depends on what Sound Exchange and their cronies, the RIAA and Copyright Royalty Board, do about Internet radio royalty rates.  At this time, my future is cloudy at best.

Those of you unfamiliar with what’s happening in  Internet radio circles, the RIAA/CRB proposed new, excessively (actually, criminally) high royalty rates for us in that end of the business.  The new rates are so high that even a relatively small broadcaster like me would have to pay royalties so high per year that I would be able to buy several Corvettes with the money.  Not sure about Corvettes?  Then let’s say it comes out to an amount that exceeds the salary of most Congress members.

Naturally, there’s no way I can afford that kind of money, so if the rates get jacked up to what Sound Exchange is proposing, most Internet broadcasters will be put out of business, and the odds are you may never hear my show again.

You can help stop the death of Internet radio by contacting your representative in Congress and asking them to support the Internet Equality Act, which will keep our royalty rates at a decent level.