I am a Mohawk from upstate New York, lived in Quebec province for 12 years, and am now in southern California.  Over the years I have published my own comic books and newsletter, and have produced and hosted radio shows.  I first broadcast in 1969, and after a nine month hiatus during which I debated not coming back because of the continuing battle over  broadcasting royalty rates, I have returned to radio on my new Internet station, Chief Jack Radio, with live shows every Monday and Wednesday at 8:30 PM Pacific Time.  The rest of the time, an extensive playlist airs 24/7.  You can check it out HERE. I have run for President of the United States in 2000 and 2004, and am running again in 2008.


2 Responses to “About Chief Jack”

  1. 1 drumsalongtheohio December 12, 2007 at 8:34 pm

    I met Flint in Kahnawake while taking a break from a current film he was in, but not you. Your Dad was my Dad’s cousin and both are laid to rest in Kahnawake at the family section of the Catholic cemetary.
    That makes you my cousin.
    I hope to meet with you one day. My Dad had me in Kahnawake until I was 7 and then I was sent here. I am in my ’50’s now and my children have grown and gone to TX and NC. I started a newspaper with 3 others called Drums Along The Ohio. Please let your wife know that I will make sure Warren, Ohio gets copies. It is a very small paper that is growing slowly but surely.
    If time permits, please write me. I am looking very hard for family. I remember an Uncle Heart from Akwasasne and a cousin George (an attorney). I want to get re-acquainted with the family I knew as a child.
    Please first let me know that you received this and also, you have cousins right there in California. Did you know that? Aunt Hazels kids (Volpe) and my sisters. Your Dad’s cousin Jackie lives in San Diego (my Aunt).

  2. 2 chiefjack December 12, 2007 at 10:43 pm

    Always glad to welcome family here. I have lost track of most of my family as I haven’t been back in the Northeast since 1998, and in Canada since 1987. I sure hope we can meet some day. The last I heard, no one knew where Dad was buried. I’m glad he has an honored spot—which I’ll have to visit to pay my respects. Thank you for this very important information.

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