The Day Of Silence and the CRB/RIAA Decision

Tomorrow (June 26) is being called “The Day Of Silence”, a day when almost all the major Internet broadcast services, along with quite a number of terrestrial radio stations with Internet simulcasts, will go silent in order to bring attention to the fact that the RIAA and the CRB are trying to kill Web radio with unrealistically high rates.

Under the proposed new rates, a Webcaster like Mohawk Radio could be assessed a royalty fee high enough to pay for at least 10 Chevy Corvettes. Where do they expect regular Joes like us to come up with that kind of money?

In order to further irritate Webcasters (and collect even more money if Congress fails to stop the CRB/RIAA), they have delayed their “judgment day” to July 15.

Here at Mohawk Radio, we have decided to wait until that decision is made before making our next move. Again, we thank you for your continuing support.

Chief Jack™ and the staff


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